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Ozone. What is it and how can it help?


If you have at any time called a company asking for help with having care of an unpleasant smell in your residence or business, you might have heard point out of the use of ozone. What is this Ozone point they ended up chatting about you might have wondered? How can it help? We are likely to dispel this mysterious ozone and clarify how and why it is utilized.

What is it?

Ozone is a gasoline that occurs both in the Earth’s higher atmosphere and at floor amount. The earth’s atmosphere is 21% Ozone. Our atmospheric Ozone Layer is developed by chemical reactions involving photo voltaic ultraviolet radiation (daylight) and oxygen molecules. Our ozone afterwards is vitally critical to existence on earth. It functions as a filter for the shorter wavelength and very dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sunshine, guarding existence on Earth from its perhaps harmful outcomes.

Lightning will also develop Ozone as a result of electrical excitation of Oxygen molecules. That sharp “fresh” smell that is normally detectable throughout and following a thunderstorm can be attributed to Ozone.

Ozone is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O3. That indicates that three oxygen atoms are bonded together. Ozone is developed when dioxygen or O2 (which is the oxygen that we breathe) has been bonded by the action of ultraviolet light-weight or electrical discharges. The bond involving three oxygen atoms is relatively week, which indicates that O3 is incredibly reactive. Considering that O2 is a considerably far more stable molecule, Ozone’s threerd Oxygen atom simply bonds with other molecules reworking both. This process is called oxidation. Ozone is one of the most strong oxidants and can be commonly developed for use in both air and water.

How can it help?

The oxidative properties of ozone can be really helpful. Compact portable ozone generators have been developed applying both electric fees and ultraviolet light-weight to develop Ozone. These generators can be moved to any location that is in want of the ability of oxidation. An Ozone generator requires in oxygen from the air and remodel the O2 molecules into O3.  The ozone is then release into the spot.


In the restoration sector ozone is most normally utilized to battle odor. An odor is triggered by one or far more volatilized chemical compounds. The moment area pollutants are handled, an spot might however have an unpleasant smell for the reason that of airborne particles. Alternatively than eliminate the offensive airborne particles, compounds can normally be reworked as a result of oxidation. Including ozone into a contaminated spot final results in risky compounds choosing up added oxygen atoms, reworking them into totally new compounds. The newly oxidized compounds do not develop any offensive odors. In addition, at the time ozone loses it’s 3rd oxygen atom, it become safe and stable oxygen.

The sum of ozone needed to reduce odor in an spot relies upon on the measurement of the spot and the focus of contaminants. Huge areas or very contaminated ones normally have to have many ozone generators performing close to the clock for many days to develop an suitable end result. The moment ozone has neutralized the place it is remaining with a slight chlorine smell that dissipates rapidly.

Nevertheless please be suggested, respiratory  ozone can bring about upper body discomfort, coughing, shortness of breath and lung irritation. Ozone can only be utilized in a vacant house or in a sealed area. Nevertheless, at the time an ozone cure has been completed, a area should be aired out for only 10 minutes ahead of it is totally safe.

So the future time you are plagued with a persistent odor problem, you might want a very little help from an oxygen atom. Ozone could possibly be equipped to source it for you.

If you are struggling with a persistent odor problem in your residence or business.  Please call water damage restoration hartford. We can help.


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